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Typically smaller than their line-voltage counterparts, our low-voltage pendants are as versatile as they are beautiful. The minimalist cord virtually disappears while the halogen lamps produce beautiful white light. The halogen source is more energy efficient than a typical incandescent light bulb, and many of the pendants are also offered with our state-of-the art, incredibly energy efficient LED module.


Smaller than typical line-voltage track heads, our low-voltage heads are not the track heads we all grew up with! Thoughtful design and precision engineering marry up with high performing MR16 lamps and LED modules to offer incredible choice for virtually any task application. Myriad styles help fit any décor while a wide selection of accessories extend the possibilities.


Offered in numerous lamping options, our 120 volt track heads are engineered to perform in a wide variety of residential and commercial applications while their beautiful design and precision lines help elevate them above typical line-voltage track solutions.


The only common thread is that this versatile group of fixtures mounts to the ceiling. Beyond that, there is incredible breadth of scale, style and color. Our large scale pendants, contemporary chandeliers and suspension fixtures easily take the place of traditional chandeliers and make a powerful statement in any space.


Creativity takes off when multi-port canopies are used to create elegant custom chandeliers. Offered in Low-Voltage, Line-Voltage and a combination of Low- and Line-Voltage and in several shapes, sizes and finishes, the possibilities are limitless.


These fixtures each try to take a unique spin on the linear suspension fixture. Perfect for a distinct look over a kitchen island, above a dining room table,illuminating a conference room or welcoming guests into a lobby, our ever-expanding offering follows the design mandate of balancing beautiful form with true function.


Given their versatility and universal appeal, Flush & Semi-Flush mount fixtures are ideal for entries, hallways, closets, stairwells and virtually any space with a lower ceiling clearance. Thoughtful designs in a variety of materials will invariably help not only illuminate, but elevate these spaces.


Wall sconces highlight and frame architectural features like no other type of fixture. Whether flanking a mirror, mantle, bed, desk, sitting area or providing soft, ambient light down a long hallway, wall fixtures truly serve a highly visible, central role in a room’s décor. Many of these sconces work equally well in a bathroom setting to illuminate a vanity area.


Adequate light is imperative in the bathroom, and today’s bathrooms deserve a solution that is as pleasing on the eye as it is functional. From the simple and clean to the truly magnificent, our bath fixtures and lit mirrors will not only help you get ready in the morning, but will help you relax, recharge and serve you for years to come. Many of the bath bars may also be mounted vertically flanking the mirror which is ideal for casting an even light across the face.


Unilume is the latest innovation in LED Undercabinet. By using tightly clustered LEDs, a 98% reflective mixing chamber and a remote phosphor lens, we are able to achieve incredibly high efficacy and even illumination in a minimal housing while eliminating hot spots and distracting multiple shadows that result from traditional point source LEDs.


Our modern interpretation of specification-grade downlighting, the ELEMENT product line offers elegantly simple solutions to complex lighting challenges, through thoughtful engineering and design. A full selection of fixed, adjustable and wall wash fixtures ensure you can deliver beautiful light exactly where and how you need it.


MonoRail is a low-voltage rail system which serves as the infrastructure on which limitless lighting designs can be achieved with low-voltage pendants and directional heads. MonoRail is a sleek, versatile and contemporary alternative to traditional track and can be customized for large or small spaces with a wide variety of angular configurations or bent into soft curves for more fluid designs.


Independent switching of two separate circuits means you can combine a series of pendants and directional heads on the same expanse of rail, and still control them independently. This is ideal when layers of light are desired to create both ambient and directional or task lighting in one specific area.


Whether the design challenge is highlighting wall art or signage or avoiding interference of a special ceiling features such as tin ceilings, murals, or tray ceilings, Wall MonoRail is a versatile solution for installing a series of low-voltage directional heads along a wall.


T~TRAK is our award winning, architectural, hand-bendable 120 volt track system. Available as single-circuit or two-circuit which allows for two independent layers of light off the same system. Offered for use with a wide selection of line-voltage heads and pendants or even our Low-Voltage products using the appropriate adapter along with multiple lamping options to meet the needs of virtually any application.


Low-voltage heads or pendants are suspended from two parallel cables that virtually disappear while the fixtures appear to almost float in the space. Kable Lite is a flexible solution particularly suited for loft making the fixtures themselves take center stage.


Single- and multi-port canopies in myriad shapes and styles along with several different system adapters make it simple to install our low-voltage pendants and heads in countless configurations.


Lightweight, adjustable and unobtrusive, our selection of Display & Exhibit solutions directs light exactly where it is needed while allowing the artwork, signage or merchandise to take center stage.

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