5-inch Natural Brass


Allows the LED driver to be remotely mounted for a smaller canopy at the ceiling. Available in a 5" or 6.3" canopy and remote enclosure (included). During installation, remove the driver from the existing fixture canopy, and place it in the new remote enclosure.
  • 6.3" canopy compatible with Bau 18/28/36 Pendant and Nyra 28/30/42 Chandelier
  • 5" canopy compatible with Aerial 40/55/60 Chandelier, Calumn 4-light/6-light Chandelier, Calumn Pendant, Lody 18-light/20-light Chandelier, Mara Grande Chandelier, Mara Chandelier, Spur Grande Chandel
  • Compatible with Vaulted Ceilings up to 45°
6.3" canopy compatible with Bau 18/28/36 pendant. Nyra 28/30/42 chandelier. 5" canopy compatible with Aerial 40/55/60 chandelier. Calumn 4-light/6-light chandelier and calumn pendant. Lody 18-light/20-light chandelier. Mara grande chandelier/Mara chandelier. Spur grande chandelier/spur chandelier. Velay 22/30/42 chandelier. Wit pendant. Can be installed on a sloped ceiling up to 45°.
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