Joshua Picture Light
Available Finishes


These elegant, unobtrusive picture lights are designed to properly illuminate your artwork and minimize glare. Reaching 18” from the wall and offered in three finishes to match any décor, black, chrome and gold, this picture light is a great solution to highlight any desired area. Lamping options are compatible with most dimmers. Refer to Dimming Chart for more information.
  • Elegant, unobtrusive design, perfect for highlighting works of art
  • Available in three finishes, black, chrome and gold
  • Two installation options available, J-box or direct plug-in, for your convenience. Eggcrate Louver lens accessory sold separately
  • Ideal for residential and commercial lighting applications
  • Lamping options are compatible with most dimmers
  • Protected by a 1-year warranty. Please visit the “About Us” Page on for more for warranty details
Choose a lamp that will provide the proper beam spread. By changing lamps or adding a lens, you can light an area as small as four inches square or as large as four feet square! Joshua is available to plug in or junction box mount. Plug-in version has 10' cord with in-line switch and plug-in transformer. Includes 12 volt 60 watt transformer, matching Lil Wok accessory and lens holder clip. Dimmable with a standard incandescent dimmer.

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