Science continues to evolve regarding the many benefits of controlling different spectrums of light. One thing is already certain: Various color temperatures are preferred for different applications and at different times of day.
GATICA’s Programmable White Panels allow lighting designers or end-users to control white light color based on final finishes and desired feel of the space. It can also be used for scene setting – cooler temperatures during the day graduating to warmer color temperatures at dusk. Options include: dimmer control throughout the white color range; or set via a rotary dial inside the fixture to a static 2700K, 2850K, 3000K, 3250K, 3500K, 3750K, or 4000K.
Just a few examples of where programmable white panels can be used:
Windowless Office Space:  Bring the outdoors in. As the spectrum changes outside, the effect can be replicated indoors.
Classrooms:   Cooler temperatures can increase alertness in the morning or during exams. Warmer temperatures create a calming environment during periods of rest.
Healthcare:  Patients can base their settings on their own mood and practitioners can alter the light to create a sense of well-being.
Hospitality and Retail:  During daylight hours, elect for a cooler temperature and then warm it up as the sun goes down. Adjust the color temperature based on the final selection of paint colors and fabrics throughout the space.
Museums and Gallery:  Color temperature can be used to alter the mood and can be tuned based on the artwork in the space – and modified as the works change.
GATICA Programmable White Panels demonstrated at 4000K
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