GATICA performance engineering encompasses Panels, Light Guides, Wall Wash, and Spots.

One of the truly unique features of GATICA is its patented tiltable panels. This uniquely engineered solution makes adjustment easy, directing the light exactlywhere it is needed. ideal for wall wash, aisleways, hallways and retail merchandising.
Truly innovative, PATENTED design maintains center of gravity at all tilt points so that even when using flexible mounting cables, the fixture maintains its position parallel to the floor.
Tool free, lockable panel adjustment at 0°, 20°, 30°, 40°, 50°, 60°, 70° and 80° places foot candles exactly where they are needed. Angle marks indicate level of tilt to ensure consistency across fixtures in a system.
12" Dual Tilt Panel optimized for aisles and hallways.
After evaluating numerous methods for creating panels of uniform white light with the slimmest profile possible, light guides were selected as the optimal choice.
Why Light Guide Technology?

  • Incredibly thin and beautiful profile for design flexibility.
  • Uniform light and color across the surface.
  • Eliminates pixilation.
  • Minimizes glare while maximizing output.
  • Makes color mixing possible for a programmable white solution.
What is a Light Guide?

  • A highly engineered acrylic panel that receives light through one or more of its edges and precisely transmits the light across and out of at least one of its outer surfaces. It does this via fields of carefully placed micro optics which redirect and extract the light. In GATICA, a highly reflective top surface ensures that the light is directed down while a front diffuser film optimizes the beam pattern and controls glare.
  • The key to a superior light guide solution – one that eliminates pixilation, maximizes uniformity across the light panel and has the highest efficacy – is selecting the best technology and optimizing the way in which all of the components are integrated.
A wide array of wall wash effects can easily be achieved with GATICA’s tiltable panels. The light guide technology generates an exceptionally even wash of light free of hot spots down the wall. Use in a continuous run to achieve the ideal effect for any wall length.
Increasing the tilt angle allows light to be placed higher on the wall while the top housing creates distinct cut-off at the ceiling. Simply adjust the mounting height, tilt angle and distance from the wall to achieve perfect wall wash illumination.
Distinct cut-off created by the housing.
We have developed a comprehensive, thoughtfully designed spot MULTIPLES system which can be used stand-alone or integrated with the panels. Field-replaceable 20°, 30° and 40° TIR optics. Accepts two optical controls (soft focus, linear spread or eggcrate louver) with integrated holder.
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