GATICA maximizes the impact of every lumen by putting light exactly where it is needed exactly when it is needed.
OPTIMIZED LED SYSTEM. The latest LED technology is optimized to achieve the desired aesthetic, light performance and energy savings.
AIMABLE GENERAL AND TASK ILLUMINATION. Light is directed to where it is needed, reducing stray light and unnecessary energy expenditures.
Integrated Controls. Daylight sensors facilitate an energy conscious space by reducing loads to supplement available daylight and other sources of light while occupancy sensors ensure illumination only when the space is in use.
Channel Selection. Three individually controlled channels allow for scene setting, added load savings and reduced wire routing. Each channel can dim separately based on function. For example, select fixtures can be set to dim during non-peak hours.
Fixture Spacing. GATICA allows for wide on-center spacing (25' to 30'). This reduces the total fixtures required for a space thus lowering overall energy consumption, watts per square foot, fixture cost per square foot and installation costs.
Long life. All GATICA light modules are 50,000 hours to L70 reducing overall cost of ownership and environmental costs due to relamping.
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